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    Installation of Aluminium Fences and Gates Central Coast

    Aluminium fencing is an increasingly popular fencing option across the Central Coast for many reasons. Homeowners frequently choose this material over alternatives because it is well suited to a coastal, salty environment thanks to its anti rust properties, as well as it being a very durable alternative to timber. In addition, it offers excellent versatility in style and is durable and accessible for most homeowners in the region. 

    With aluminium fencing, you can choose from many styles, including tubular, picket fencing, and those that have the appearance of steel panels such as with a colorbond fence. Aluminium could be the perfect fencing material for you, as it has excellent compatibility with most types of land, including steep slopes and flat blocks.

    One of the best features you’ll enjoy the most from your aluminium fence is its corrosion resistance. Additionally, as it is not timber, it will not be susceptible to termites, which is an important factor in some areas close to bush on the Central Coast.

    We can install the ideal fence that has all the features you want:

    • Aluminium vertical slat fencing
    • Aluminium picket fence
    • Aluminium tubular fencing 
    • Timber look aluminium fencing
    • Aluminium slat gates

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    Work with a fencing company that has a reputation for doing things properly.

    You can choose from many fencing companies, but they won’t all deliver the same results or live up to their promises. We offer quality products and services that ensure your home is well-protected, and looks good for many years to come. Experience the security that your children and pets are safe in the yard behind a sturdy, reliable fence that adds to the value of your property.

    If you want your fence installed correctly, turn to a company with a reputation for doing things right. We don’t cut corners like others, ensuring you get the best fence for your investment.

    We Supply and Install Aluminium Fences and Gates

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    Aluminium Fences

    We install many styles of aluminium fencing across the Central Coast – you’ll never be short on a choice of colour and style for your property. Aluminium is so versatile that you’re bound to find an option that suits your home. Additionally, it’s essentially maintenance-free and highly durable, as it resists rust, corrosion, and termites.

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    Aluminium Gates

    When you have your aluminium fence installed, you need a way to secure it. We have all the styles you could want, from pedestrian aluminium side gates to double driveway gates. If you want something unique to you, we can custom design a gate just for your new fence, creating the perfect picture. 

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    List of Benefits When You Choose Aluminium as Your Fencing Material

    An Accessible Fencing Option

    When you choose aluminium for your fencing, you’ll get plenty of benefits. We see many homeowners select this option when looking for the most suitable solution to their fencing needs without sacrificing the stunning style they want to create. It features appearances that resemble wrought iron and steel but doesn’t require special manufacturing processes, making aluminium more accessible for the average homeowner. 

    Works With Most Topography

    Many alternative fencing materials cannot compete with aluminium fencing when it comes to hills and other sloped topographies. This is because it has the excellent trait of being a customisable, rackable material, allowing it to follow a slope or whatever gradient. Rackable fences are entirely adjustable, ensuring there are no gaps along the fence’s bottom, meaning that no pets will sneak their way out. You can have peace of mind, also knowing intruding animals will be easily kept out with this type of fence.

    Simple, Low Maintenance Requirements

    Unlike other materials, such as timber fencing, aluminium fencing requires very little maintenance to remain in pristine condition. For example, wood fences must be sealed or repainted frequently to protect them from the environment. You will never need to do this for aluminium. Your maintenance requirements will be limited to clearing debris as it builds up around the fence. As far as common fencing problems go, by choosing high-quality aluminium, you are avoiding a lot of these problems from occurring in the first place.

     About Us

    When you invest in fencing for your property, you want it done right the first time, with results that will last, this is what we strive for every time. If you request a fence from us, you’re investing in two things: durability and security. We build every fence to last. Some common reasons our customers rely on us include the following:

    • Local Company: Because we’re from the area, we know exactly what you need in relation to the environment and topography. We know how to get the best results for your aluminium fencing, regardless of your property setup.
    • Good Communication: Throughout your project, you’ll receive thorough updates that ensure you know exactly what’s happening and when. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to take the time to address them.
    • Quality Work: We’ve built an excellent reputation within the community for delivering high-quality results. We don’t cut corners or rush through one project to get to the next, each of our fencing contractors is experienced, skilled and friendly.
    • Reasonable Prices: Besides offering premium products, we do so at reasonable rates. Our prices may not be the cheapest you’ll find, but for the quality of what you get, we sure do offer great value. 
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    If you agree to the quote, we’ll set up the best date for the installation project with you. For most residential projects, our gate and fence installations can be completed in two days.

    Enjoy the Benefits

    Once your new fence and gate are installed, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the increased privacy they’ll offer you and your family.

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    More about our aluminium fencing and gate services

    Aluminium slat fencing

    Aluminium slat fencing is an excellent option for having optimal privacy in your yard. It’s primarily offered in a horizontal slat pattern that blocks the view into your yard, wherein you can decide on the sized gap between the slats, giving you control over how much privacy you get. While this type of fencing is a permanent fixture, it’s similar to aluminium privacy screens. Aluminium slat fencing is excellent for families. The downside to this type of fencing is it’s susceptiblity to getting dents with force, moreso that other metals like colorbond fences, this is why aluminium is better for residential settings instead of commercial ones, where there is more chance for accidents involving machinery or vehicles than your average home. You can complete your fence with an aluminium pedestrian gate or aluminium swing gates. Either option can be constructed using slats for uniformity in appearance.

    Aluminium picket fence

    An aluminium picket fence is an alternative to flat top aluminium fencing, as it features pointed pickets that add an artistic feel to your fence. A standard design places the pickets around 3 cm apart, ensuring your children and pets cannot pass through. If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your property that will give you peace of mind, consider this for your aluminium front fence. This type of fence and the similar vertical blade fence are not ideal for privacy, and alternatives should be considered if that is the primary purpose of adding a fence.

    Aluminium slat gates

    Aluminium slat gates are much like slat fencing, offering high levels of privacy even at the entrance to your property. Depending on your preferred style, you can have yours designed as an aluminium sliding gate or a swing model, operated electronically or manually. If you have aluminium batten fencing, you can also use slat gates to finish the fence. This gate style is perfect for those with slat fencing, as it will provide a uniform appearance around the entire property. However, as with the fencing, it is not recommended for commercial use as it can be dented easier than steel.

    Aluminium pool fencing

    You can choose an aluminium pool fence to secure your pool area. Because of all the stylish options available, you can achieve your code requirements with a fence that looks great instead of detracting from your pool and landscaping. Pool fencing solutions can range from slat fencing for the utmost privacy to picket fencing for greater visibility. With either option, we can ensure you fulfil all requirements for having your pool fence approved during its inspection. This type of fence is ideal for anyone who owns a pool because of the material’s resistance to corrosion and rust; it’s perfect for the wet setting of the pool area, especially in coastal areas along the Central Coast of NSW.

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